Autocorrect Is Not Always A Friend

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Or…Why you (I) should never text when you (I) are not distracted.
It is no secret that I do not like to take time to proof-read.
When nothing is underlined in red, I just press “send” but this morning that all caught up with me.

One of my Seminary Students has one more Scripture Mastery verse to pass off and he will have memorized all 25 Scripture Mastery verses.
He left this morning without passing the verse off and I needed to know if he was going to pass it off tomorrow morning so I can present  his Scriptorian award this Sunday during Sacrament meeting.

Here is what I sent him and this is why you  (I) should always read your texts before you (I) touch send.
Auto correct is not always your  (my) friend. (forgive the language)

Imagine receiving this from your Seminary Teacher:
“Are you pissing off your last Scripture tomorrow morning?”
Next, I tried to correct it (still distracted, obviously)
“Are you passing off your lazy Scripture tomorrow morning?”
Was still in a hurry and did not proof-read.
Last attempt,
“Are you passing out your last scrap book tomorrow morning?”

OK…I am a slow learner..or in too much of a hurry.
Try number 4, I got it right.
” Are you passing off your last Scripture tomorrow morning?

Just a few more days of 4:30am alarms…
I can do this!

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