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By Miriam Jones Miriam Jones:
The previous post about the awesome work Sierra did for us, organizing the assessment in multiple ways (huge THANK YOU for that), gave me the idea to start a discussion on the FB page about that assessment.

Confession: I have not even looked at the assessment yet. I have no idea what’s on it. I am an elementary school teacher and have been disillusioned with the way teaching has turned into “teaching to the test” and not much else, in so many educational settings. So I haven’t let myself even look at the test yet. I almost see it as a test for me…..will my students do well on the test because of what I have taught them, following the manual and The Spirit? We shall see.

Wondering others thoughts on the matter. Memorizing answers for a test is not something I think our students should be doing. But if there are concepts and principals they don’t seem to grasp yet, I think it would be good to know, to help them gain understanding and meaning before giving them a test. I would probably be better off at least looking at the test to see what I have and haven’t taught. But the public education teacher in me might not be able to leave it be…..I might want to practice actual test questions with students.

How is it going for others? Do you feel like you are just helping kids memorize answers….or really learning and gaining understanding by reviewing all the test questions?
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Janice N Peter Herbert: Interesting to read your comments…I haven’t looked at it either. Don’t know what I will finally do, whether I will go and peek or just teach the lessons. Maybe there Read More

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