Assessing the Assessment

By Shauna Hostetler
Shauna Hostetler:
#Assessment Last night I went through all of my students’ answer sheets and made a note of which questions each student got correct and the specific questions they missed. I wanted to see which questions were missed the most and which questions most everyone got correct. I definitely saw a pattern as to which subjects we need to spend more time on. Some of it surprised me and some did not. I made up a chart to tally the number of times each question was missed, then I also evaluated whether it was a Freshman, new convert, etc. just to see if it made much difference. Generally, those who are in class every day, on time and engaged did very well. I also looked over the “explain” answers and the “belief & apply” answers just to see where my focus needs to be. I kept all the student’s paperwork in individual file folders so I can compare in the spring. I copied the bubbled answer sheets so if I send them to CES, or if someone want to see their actual test again, I will have a copy. The answers are also circled on the actual question sheet, which just covers another base.
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Jim Parker: Forgive a dumb question, but are we supposed to send the answer sheets to Salt Lake? (2 hours ago)

Shauna Hostetler: I was told it was optional to send the answer sheets to SL… Ask your area supervisor if there are specific instructions for your area. (28 minutes ago)

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