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We’re going to work on the Article of Faith songs this year.  We’ll sing, take down words and repeat until all words are off the board – then move on to the next AOF song. Hopefully we’ll make it through all 13. If we learn them super fast, maybe we’ll be repeating them sometime in the year. We’ll just see how it goes.

Here’s how I made my AOF visual aide:


  • Buy a thick posterboard. (I anticipate it will get beat up by the end of the year.)
  • Print off 13 pictures. Suggestions; Melonheadz, Simply Fresh, AOF Number Posters. (I printed them in 8×10 size at Sams Club).
  • Tape a plastic sheet cover in the corner to hold the picture for that AOF song. One on both sides – for JR and SR. (I am thinking that JR and SR will go through the AOF songs at different rates. For the first little while I will use the same picture, just move it from side to side, until one group gets ahead of the other.)
  • Leave the rest of the board blank for the taping on of the wordstrips.


  • Type a doc with all the AOF lyrics.
  • Print it off and cut it up.
  • Put each AOF’s word strips into a labeled envelope.
  • Keep all envelopes together for easy access throughout the year. 
  • Repeat if you’re making one for JR and for SR.

envelope with the cut up pieces inside
AOF typed of the outside so I can figure out how to put the wordstrips on the posterboard!organized envelopes
*Project timeline: It took me 7 hours to make this Interactive Article of Faith wordstrip poster.


***While I label this as “my own idea”, it’s pretty much a just.a.poster. But the wordstrips and the envelopes and the putting it all together is what I claim.

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