April Lesson: Joseph Smith, Priesthood, And First Vision

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This is what I’m using as an outline this Sunday.  Since their was a General Conference and combined Fast Sunday lesson,I tried to overlap information from the Priesthood Restoration, First Vision, and Joseph Smith’s involvement in the Restoration all in one lesson.  We will see how it goes. :)
So, I think it can be used for any of these 3 lessons: How was the Priesthood restored?What was Joseph Smith’s role in the Restoration?Why is the First Vision Important?

I called and am having a YW come prepared with details to each of these events.  This way we are not reading the verses in class and they can be involved in teaching the lesson.You can find out age and date info on lds.org.  I just googled “Joseph Smith Timeline” and it came up as an option. 
You can either cut and glue them in the INBs as is.  Or cut out each event you want to cover in the lesson. {maybe just the priesthood? Depends what you want to do}
OR just use it as a worksheet/handout in the lesson
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