“An Elect Lady” D&C 25 Glue-in / Worksheet


Here is a glue-in / worksheet for teaching Doctrine & Covenants 25 about Emma Smith. It will get your class searching through verses 4-15 on the characteristics of “An Elect Lady”. You may want to have them work on it in pairs. After going through it as a class, ask the young men which of these characteristics they admire most in young ladies, and why. Challenge them to develop these characteristics and be worthy of a spouse who has developed these traits.
Also here is a link to a great Ensign article about Emma Smith. August 1992. The original is better with original art work in the article. https://www.lds.org/ensign/1992/08/my-great-great-grandmother-emma-hale-smith?lang=eng

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Source:: NW Seminary Share – John Bushman

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