Alma 5 Cardiogram Worksheets

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Picture Here are a couple of worksheets I have used to teach Alma 5.  They work well because they direct the students through almost the whole chapter.  As usual, click on the picture to get the worksheets.

A  great way I like to start Alma 5 is by going to Alma 4:19.  I bring a bottle of Italian dressing to class (not shaken up) and ask them what the ingredients are (Oil, vinegar, and spices). Then I ask it they would put it on their salad as it is (not shaken and separated).  Then I ask questions like, “What does the dressing have to do with Alma 4:19? What has to happen for the dressing to be good? How are people like that? What shakes or stirs people up to be good?”  The point is that Alma’s people had settled down into their comfortable, easy places with the Gospel.  Alma 5 was to wake them up and “stir” them up spiritually.  Alma 5 will do the same with us.

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