Alma 39- Chastity

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Corianton had gone with his brothers, Helaman and Shiblon, to preach the gospel to the Zoramites, but had fallen into sin.

You, like my class, are wondering WHY . I. HAVE. CHOCOLATE. CHIP. COOKIESpinned to my scrubs.
 A WONDERFUL idea hit me as I read the talk “Avoid It” by Lynn G. Robbins

He talks about the chocolate chip cookies and the wonderful aroma they give off, how they are hard to resist when warm from the oven….
I put the cookies on me to show the areas we need to be careful about. “The Lord has blessed each of us with powerful hormones that also link to the brain’s pleasure center. It is a very desirable attraction that begins to occur in adolescence toward the opposite sex…that inspire a person to get married…”

(the day after I gave this lesson, several students came in and told me how they thought about this lesson all day and even shared it with friends. One told about a bake sale at school that of course had chocolate chip cookies! Made her stop and laugh!)

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