Alma 38 Alma Speaks To His Son’s

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Do you ever feel as if your sibling gets more attention than you?

we watched this video from Mormon messages called “The Prodigal Son”

Alma (the younger) had three sons:


Shiblon is the middle son, like most middle children, my heart goes out to them. They often feel left out. I wonder if he did?  Helaman, the eldest, gets 77 verses and two chapters of counsel from his father. Corianton, the youngest, gets 91 verses and FOUR chapters!!

Shiblon gets 15 verses.
Yet, those 15 verses gives us a bunch of insight into the love Alma had for Shiblon and Shiblon’s character! (verses 2-3 are my favorites)

I used an article found in the August 2010 New Era, for some of my thoughts.
Read this wonderful article by Elder Michael T. Ringwood, of the Seventy, called Shiblon, My Book of Mormon Hero.

I had asked the parents to write letters to their son or daughter on:
~ How has obedience to the commandments of God helped you
~ What advice can you give to their youth that could help them be wiser while in their youth.

I ended class by giving them their letters, and challenged them to find a quiet spot that day and read them. Knowing that it was with love from their parent/parents, like Alma did with his son’s.

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