Alma 37-Small And Simple Things

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 A fellow seminary teacher, Sharra Dains, shared this idea-it was genius!

I randomly put numbers 1-50 on the page and told them to circle them in order, starting with #1.Do as many as they could in one minute.They didn’t do well at all-most got between 10-15 circled.
Then I handed them another paper, in which I folded in fourths, and place #1 in top Left corner, #2 in top Right corner…I gave them better directions this time. I told them where to find the first four numbers.Then gave them one minute to circle as many as them could in order.
This time their ability to circle the numbers, in order,  increased by at least 10!
Alma 37: 6-7: the Lord works by small and simple means to bring about a BIG IMPACT ( His eternal purposes).

This lead into a wonderful class discussion. I love days like this when things flow smoothly- thoughts and questions fly back and forth among the students!

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