Alma 36-Chiasmus

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I passed out a sheet of paper and had them put their name on it.Big and in the middle.Then told them to close their eyes

With their eyes closed, they had to listen to my voiceand follow my directions.I said things like, “fold your paper in half””rip off top right corner”…

The holes were different in each one of their papers.WHY?My directions were not clear and precise.
When the Lord gives us directions, HE IS CLEAR and PRECISE.He wants us ALL to arrive at the same result-Eternal Life!
Alma 36-42 tells of a parent teaching his sons righteousness.  He likewise, is blunt and to the point.
If this chapter in Alma doesn’t give you a testimony of Joseph Smith, than I am not sure what will!

Alma used a form of writing that is ancient and complex, to share a very important concept  with Helaman, his son.  Alma wanted Helaman to Know of Christ and His payment for our sins.

 This ancient form of literature he used is called Chiasmus (ki-az-muss). It was used by ancient Hebrew writers.  Similar to rhyming poetry, it is effective because it follows a predictable pattern.

I had them complete this sentence to drive home the point of of rhyming poetry being easy:

Roses are Red…

Here is the part that I find most fascinating…
Chiasmus was not commonly used in the 1800’s in the United States.Why is that such an important fact?When did Joseph Smith receive the plates?When did he translate them?What type of education this this man have?
Alma 36:11-17 gives us a detailed account of Alma’s experience. He uses some words that Boyd K Packer gave us some insight on:President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:“Racked means ‘tortured.’ Anciently a rack was a framework on which the victim was laid with each ankle and wrist tied to a spindle which could then be turned to cause unbearable pain.“A harrow is a frame with spikes through it. When pulled across the ground, it rips and tears into the soil. The scriptures frequently speak of souls and minds being ‘harrowed up’ with guilt.“Torment means ‘to twist,’ a means of torture so painful that even the innocent would confess” (“The Touch of the Master’s Hand,” Ensign, May 2001, 23).
Online I found a wonderful worksheet on Alma 36. Wish I could remember where I found it…if any of you know, let me know so I can give credit to the person.  (This not my work)

Chiasmus is an arrangement of words/ideas placed in a certain order and then repeated in reverse order.The main message of the chiasmus is found in the middle…

What is the message?Can you figure out what verses it is in?

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