Alma 1-2 Nehor Was Popular

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what makes someone popular?

A man by the name of Nehor became popular with the people in Zarahemla because he taught:

Priests should not labor with their hands
The people should support them
Everyone would be saved no matter what they did in life
Need not fear
All men are redeemed and will have eternal life

So many people liked what they heard, they actually gave Nehor money and their support!  Nehor became prideful, wearing expensive things.

One day Nehor was going to “preach” when he ran across Gideon, a teacher in the church. Nehor ended up killing Gideon.
 Nehor was practicing “Priestcraft”

Elder David A. Bednar said we ALL need to be careful when it comes to teaching others:

“anything you or I do as instructors that knowingly and intentionally draws 

attention to self—in the messages we present, in the methods we use, or in our 

personal demeanor—is a form of priestcraft that inhibits the teaching 

effectiveness of the Holy Ghost. “

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