Adapting The Virtue Value Project (Personal Progress) For Special Needs

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After reviewing (adapted) Personal Progress Value Experience with a young woman in our ward, she asked me how many more projects she needs to do to complete the program. I explained that there are ___ experiences left, and also eight 10-hour projects. 
I told her that one of the projects she can start right now is reading the Book of Mormon. I suggested that she start with that now, since it may take quite a while. She seemed excited about that, but wondered how she could keep track of what she’s read, especially since she reads scriptures on her father’s Kindle. She asked if there was some sort of chart that she could get to help her remember.
I have seen many charts that help you track scripture reading, so I set out to find one for her today. Most of them available online show the entire Book of Mormon on one chart, but I thought that might be confusing or overwhelming for her.
Then I came across these charts that track scripture reading one book at a time (and it looks like some of the longer books of the Book of Mormon are broken up into several different pages).  I’ve included some examples below- Click on one of the pictures to go to the source site. They are free to use.
I plan to include one of these at a time in her Personal Progress notebook (as explained in my post “Adapting Personal Progress for Special Needs”) and replace with the next new chart as needed

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