Activity: Thanksgiving Turkey

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From the documents below, print both the turkey and the tail feathers in either black and white or color.  If you choose the black and white, you can color/paint the turkey, or use it as a pattern to cut pieces from colored paper or scrapbook paper.  
Trim the overlapping edges and assemble the turkey.  Cut out the turkey and the tail feathers.  Post the turkey on the board at the front of the primary room with the tail feathers attached loosely behind him.  On each tail feather, write the name of something that the children might be thankful for, along with the title and page number of a song relating to that theme.  My suggestions are at the bottom of the page.  

Let the children take turns plucking a tail feather from the turkey.  Have the primary sing the song on the back of the feather.    

For our readers who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, you can print the document below, cut out the pictures of the gifts, and write the songs on the back of the gifts.  

Blessings for which we should express our gratitude:

Scriptures:  Book of Mormon Stories  #118
Agency:  Choose the Right  #239
The Savior:  If the Savior Stood Beside Me  (2013 Outline for Sharing Time)
Repentance:  When I am Baptized  #103
The World:  My Heavenly Father Loves Me  #228
Our Bodies:  The Lord Gave Me a Temple #153
Prayer:  A Child’s Prayer #12
Prophets:  Follow the Prophet #110
The Temple:  I Love to See the Temple  #95
The Priesthood:  The Priesthood Is Restored  #89
Families:  Families Can Be Together Forever  #188
Friends:  O Come With Me to Primary  #255
Holy Ghost:  The Holy Ghost  #105
Plan of Salvation:  I Will Follow God’s Plan #164

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