Activity: Still Small Voice Chain

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This activity is particularly useful in reviewing songs about the Holy Ghost, Prophets, or Scriptures.  Explain that the activity shows that a message can be distorted as it is passed from person to person.  That is why it is important to have a direct line from Heavenly Father to ourselves.  We can find this direct line through the Holy Ghost, the Prophet and even the Scriptures.  When we seek guidance from these sources, we can be sure that the answers we receive have not been misinterpreted or mistranslated by others.

1.  Choose about 10 songs (or verses of songs) which you would like to review.  List the line in each song with which the children have the most difficulty.  For example, if you were to choose the song “Baptism,” you might choose this line from the second verse, “Now we know that we must also witness faith in Jesus’ word.”

2.  Choose five to ten children through whom the message will pass.  If convenient to your seating arrangement, you might divide the children by classes or rows.  Whisper the chosen line to the first child, then have that child whisper the line to the second child and so on.

3.  When the message reaches the last child, have him or her say the line out loud.  Ask if the children in the line is correct.  Ask if they can identify the song or verse to which the line belongs.  Briefly discuss the line and what it means.  Have all of the primary children repeat the line with the correct wording.  Sing the song or verse.

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