Activity: Song Swat

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In order to get ready for the upcoming program, I want to get the children to pay special attention to certain phrases they tend to miss.

To play the game, first print and cut out the pictures (found here) which correspond to the songs you want to review.  You may need to enlarge them in the document.  The pictures I am using are shown below.  Attach these pictures to the board at the front of the room.

Next, print and cut out the phrases that the children have difficulty with.  Fold them in half and place them in a bowl.

Choose two reverent children to come to the board.  Draw a phrase out of the bowl and read it aloud in a clear voice.  When the children know to which song the phrase belongs, they “swat” the corresponding picture on the board.  (To avoid the children hitting each other, you may choose to use fly swatters, feathers, wands, etc. to swat the pictures.)

Have the entire primary repeat the phrase after you until they have mastered it.  Then sing the song (or the appropriate verse of the song), paying special attention to the phrase.

I Am a Child of God

My Heavenly Father Loves Me

If The Savior Stood Beside Me

When I am Baptized
Families Can Be Together Forever

A Child’s Prayer

On a Golden Springtime

Holding Hands Around the World

I Am a Child of God2.  And so my needs are great.3.  Rich blessings are in store.3.  If I but learn to do His will,4.  His promises are sure.4.  If I can but endure
My Heavenly Father Loves Me2.  He gave me my life, my mind, my heart.2.  For all His creations, of which I’m a part,
If the Savior Stood Beside Me1.  Would I think of His commandments and try harder to be true?2.  Would my words be true and kind if He were never far away?3.  He is always near me, though I cannot see Him there.3.  And because He loves me dearly, I am in His watchful care.
When I am Baptized2.  And I can be forgiven and improve myself each day.
Families Can Be Together Forever2.  While I am in my early years
A Child’s Prayer1.  Something that Jesus told disciples long ago2.  Of such is the kingdom
On a Golden Springtime2.  The bands of death He broke3.  The Father and the Son appeared as Joseph knelt and prayed.
Holding Hands Around the WorldWe are children glowing with the gospel lightThere are children leading out in every land

Be careful when playing competitive games.  Remember that we are counseled not to encourage excessive competition.  If you sense that the children are getting too competitive, discontinue play and transition into another activity.  Be sure to congratulate all children on their hard work, reverence, knowledge, singing ability, teamwork, etc. and stress that THIS is what is important.

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