Activity: Snowball Fight

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This activity is a fun, easy way to review the songs the children love.  (And it’s especially good for substitutes while you’re on Christmas vacation!)
As the children come in to primary,  give them each a piece of white paper and have them write the name of a favorite primary song on it.     Ask the children to keep the papers under their chairs.

When Singing Time begins, explain that you are going to have a snowball fight.  Ask the children to take their papers out from under their chairs and crumple them into a ball.  Count down from five and have the children all throw their snowballs at you at once.  
Choose a snowball at random and sing the song written on it.  Continue until you are out of time.
(For Junior Primary or primaries that have trouble with reverence, you might bring a large bucket or basket and ask the children to try to throw their snowballs into the basket.  Have an older child help you collect the snowballs before you begin singing.  This helps you avoid the noise and distraction of having Sunbeams constantly running out of their seats to pick up snowballs and throw at you while you’re singing.)

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