Activity: Sister Crazypants

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Occasionally, when I am having a hard time getting excited about reviewing songs, I’ll let Sister Crazypants substitute for me.  To prepare for the activity, gather silly things to wear.  I found inexpensive items from the Dollar Store, Thrift Store, or Halloween market.  These might include such things as:

a scarf, apron, tutu, lei, necklace, hat, shower cap, headband with bunny ears (or hearts, pumpkins, shamrocks, etc.), big buttons/pins, fuzzy slippers, bow tie, bracelets, handcuffs, gloves, large clip-on earrings, a clown nose, false teeth, leg warmers, ugly vest, wig, over-size glasses, a wand with which to direct the music, bright lipstick and so on
Place these items in a bag near the front of the room.  
Begin by telling the children that you have a guest who wants to sing with you today, but she is very shy and only likes to visit when the children are reverent.  Explain that you will be choosing good, reverent singers to help bring her in.  Choose a song to start with and as you sing, watch for one or two children to help.  When the song is over, ask those children to choose an object out of the bag to put on you.  Continue until you run out of time or run out of items to wear.  I often have Sister Crazypants sing a wiggle song with the kids before she leaves.  
You MAY have to work hard to maintain reverence during this activity.  I’ve had some classes with whom it worked well and some classes with whom I just couldn’t do it.   Here are some variations on the activity which might better fit your primary:
-To keep the focus on the message of the songs, rather than choosing good singers, you may ask questions about the song and choose children who can give thoughtful answers
-If you don’t have enough dress-up objects handy, you can try letting the children cover you in stickers, pins, hairbows, etc.  
-If your teachers are interested in participating, you may have the children choose a sticker/hairbow/object to place on his or her teacher.  The kids really enjoy this variation, but I wouldn’t try it with a competitive group of children.

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