Activity: Primary Song Snowflakes

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Every winter, I love to make Snowflakes with songs on the back for the children to choose from.  This year, I decided to design snowflakes that go with the theme of several songs.  I’ll let a child choose a flake from the board and see if he or she can guess which song it might go with.  Here are the flakes I’ve come up with, along with my suggestions.  I’ll be adding more soon, so check back before you do the activity!

Snowman and Snowflakes:  Once There Was a Snowman #249
StarsI am Like a Star  #163Stars Were Gleaming  #37
Hearts:Love One Another  #136Jesus Said Love Everyone  #61Reverence Is Love #31
Temple:I Love to See the Temple  #95Families Can Be Together Forever  #188
“CTR” Letters and Shield:Choose the Right Way #160Dare to Do Right #168Choose the Right #239, Hymns
Sunshine:Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam  #60
Rainbows, Clouds, 8 and Raindrop:When I am Baptized  #103
10 Commandments:Keep the Commandments #146
Children Holding HandsHolding Hands Around the WorldChildren All Over the World #16
“Pray”A Child’s Prayer
ScripturesScripture Power
FlowerOn a Golden Springtime

To make these snowflakes, download the document below.  Fold along the grey lines, first diagonally in half, then diagonally into fourths, and finally fold each fourth into thirds.  Be sure that the folds line up as closely as possible.  Precise folding is far more important than precise cutting.

Carefully cut out the shaded areas.  Unfold the snowflakes and either laminate them or glue them to dark paper for stability.  Write the name and page number of the song you’ve chosen on the back.

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