Activity: Opposite Day

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This activity was designed for a review week in the summer.  Explain to the children that it is very cold outside and we need to put on our hats and gloves.  When they protest and say that it is, in fact, hot outside, tell them that it must be opposite day!  
Choose up to 11 songs that you’d like to review (perhaps for the Primary Program) and write the opposite on the back of each hat.  Then, think of up to 11 fun ways to sing those songs and write the opposite on the back of each gloves.  Have the children choose one hat and one gloves and sing the appropriate song in the appropriate manner.  Suggestions are below.  
Note:  sometimes I make two sets, one for Junior Primary and one for Senior Primary.  The Junior Primary set is, obviously, much easier.  

Songs:YOU are the PARENT of the DEVIL :  I am a Child of GodI HATE to see the RODEO :  I Love to See the TempleI DIED in OUTER DARKNESS :  I Lived in HeavenAn ADULT’S SPEECH:  A Child’s PrayerLOUD MORNING:  Silent Night
Ways to Singwith your eyes OPEN :  With your eyes closedStanding on BOTH feet :  Standing on one footReally QUIET :  Really loudFacing the FRONT :  facing backwardwith your tongue IN :  with your tongue out

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