Activity: Matching Game

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Click on the link at the bottom of the page which says “Click Here for the ready to print PDF”.  It actually links to a Word document which contains the following pictures.  Delete the pictures that you do not wish to use.  I suggest keeping no more than 12.  Print two copies of the remaining pictures.   
Cut out the cards and shuffle.  Tape each card to the blackboard with the white side showing.  (I like to tape them with the picture on the back upside-down so that the child can flip each card up like a hinge and show the picture, rather than actually taking them OFF of the board.)  
Pick a child to turn over two pictures.  If they are a match, sing the associated song.  (I’ve suggested some songs you might use, but be creative and use whatever you know!) If not, another child takes a turn.  Continue until all the matches have been found.

Families Can Be Together Forever,Love at HomeMy Eternal Family orThe Family is of God
My Heavenly Father Loves Me,A Happy Family,Reverence is Love, Love One Another orWhere Love Is
A Child’s Prayer orI Pray in Faith
The Holy GhostListen, Listen or The Still Small Voice
Fun to Do
Roll Your Hands
If You’re Happy and You Know it
Do As I’m Doing
The Golden Plates, An Angel Came to Joseph Smith,Books in the Book of MormonBook of Mormon Stories
My Hands
Because It’s Spring orOn a Golden Springtime
Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
I Wiggle
Once There Was a Snowman
Popcorn Popping
I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,I am a Child of GodI Feel My Savior’s Love orJesus Loved the Little Children
Holding Hands Around the World
We’ll Bring the World His Truth
When I am Baptized
Jesus Once Was a Little Child orHe Sent His Son
As a Child of God orTeach Me to Walk in the Light
Children All Over the World
Choose the Right Way orChoose the Right
Dare to do Right
Faith orThe Prophet Said to Plant a Garden
Called to Serve, The Church of Jesus Christ,I Hope They Call Me on a Mission orI Want to be a Missionary Now
I Love to See the Temple orFamilies Can Be Together Forever
I’m Trying to be Like Jesus,Tell Me the Stories of Jesus orTo Think About Jesus
The Commandments,Keep the Commandments
My Heavenly Father Loves Me orI Lived in Heaven
Nephi’s Courage
Reverence is Love orJesus Said Love Everyone
Search, Ponder and Pray,Scripture Power orSeek the Lord Early
Stand for the Right
Baptism,I Like My Birthdays orWhen I am Baptized
We Thank Thee, Oh, God, For a Prophet, Follow the Prophet,Latter Day Prophets
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
If the Savior Stood Beside Me
A Young Man Prepared,Priesthood is Restored

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