Activity: Hot Potato Game

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To prepare for the game, wrap a potato in aluminum foil.  On top of the foil, add a strip of paper with the name of a song you’d like the children to review.  Then wrap in another layer of aluminum foil.  Add 8-10 layers of songs.  If you are doing this activity with both Junior and Senior Primary, prepare two potatoes.

When singing time begins, peel off one layer of foil and read the name of the first song you will sing.  Choose a child to stand outside the Primary room (with an adult, if necessary), while another child hides the potato.  Bring the child back in and ask him to find the potato as you sing.  When the child gets closer to the potato, ask the other children to sing louder.  When he gets further from the potato, ask the children to sing more softly.  When he has found the potato, peel off another layer of aluminum foil and discover the next song.  Repeat the game until all of the songs have been sung.

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