Activity: Guess The Dad

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For Father’s Day, try one of these variations of “Guess the Dad” and get the children to review some primary songs while they have fun.

In preparation, you’ll need to ask some or all of the fathers of your primary children for their favorite primary song.  It’s probably been a while since they were in primary, so you might want to list a couple of suggestions- especially those songs which you think the children ought to review or would enjoy singing.  Then, choose one of the following to ask all the dads for:

  • a photograph of his hands
  • a photograph of the back of his head
  • a photograph of his shoes (these three are easy to collect AT church with your phone if you think your dads may not be reliable in getting you one of the other items)
  • his favorite tie
  • a picture of him when he was a child
  • a short list of clues about him
  • or a recording of him singing his chosen song

When you have all of your items and songs, choose a way to display them.  You might hang the ties on a clothesline, place the pictures in a photo album or on a posterboard, or write the clues on folded pieces of paper and place them in a bowl, etc.  Have the children choose an item and guess to which dad it belongs.  When they have figured out who it is, have all of the children sing his favorite Primary Song.

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