Activity: Gather Sunshine

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The last Sunday in March will be the first Sunday of spring.  To celebrate, print and cut out the butterflies and flowers.  Write the names of songs you want to review on the back of the flowers and write some interesting ways to sing those songs on the back of the butterflies.  (Keep in mind that you’ll probably be reviewing “I Stand All Amazed,” so choose ways to sing which will still show reverence for the topic.)  
Hang the butterflies and flowers around the room. One at a time, have the children choose a butterfly and a flower to bring to the front of the room and decorate the chalkboard or bulletin board for springtime!

Song Suggestions:He Sent His SonI Will Follow God’s PlanI Stand All Amazed verse 1I Stand All Amazed verse 2I Stand All Amazed verse 3Give Said the Little StreamPopcorn Popping
Ways to Sing Suggestions:whisper-singsing with your eyes closedsing with a big smile- don’t let your lips touch each othersing while standing on one footsing while holding your nosesing with a British accentsing the whole song without blinking your eyes

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