Activity For Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked And Walked And Walked…

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For Pioneer Songs (best with Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked or To Be a Pioneer [descant, especially] )…
*HERE are my pictures for Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked

Just like a cake walk, put pictures of items on the ground. Footsteps, wagons – whatever Pioneerish thing you want. Put numbers on them.

Luckily, I’d just bought a pair of socks that had a cardboard piece in them. I used that for a template.

  • Sing all the way through the song, then you choose a #.

Then the chosen child(ren) picks up their number and takes it back to their chair with them. They then sing from their chair while the rest of the children continue to walk. (The number will be turned in for a treat as they exit. If they can’t be reverent with it they will lost their treat). Continue singing and walking!

FOR A BIG PRIMARY (instead of sitting down one at a time…):
Number all the pictures 1-6. Sing all the way through. When they’re done singing, roll a die. Children on the footstep with the chosen # can sit down. Everyone is sitting down at the end.

Only take a step when you sing “walked” and “walked” and “walked” and “walked”.

*If I have extra time I’m going to put Pioneer Children on my singing meter board (attached so they move vertically) – singing well will cause the children to “walk” to Zion. We sang 3 more times to get all 3 Pioneer kids to Zion.



  • I had the kids hold their footprints so they didn’t get trampled. Good idea.
  • When children got “chosen” I congratulated them on making it to Zion safetly.
  • I told the children who had already “made it to Zion” (sitting in their chairs) that they had to sing extra loud to help those who hadn’t made it to Zion yet.
  • It went okay in Junior. The Senior kids liked it so much some asked to take footsteps home.
  • I did NOT give out treats and the kids still liked it.
  • I have a big Primary, so I numbered #1-6. It worked out splendidly.
  • I would do this activity again.

*cake walk idea adapted from Camilles Primary Ideas

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