Activity: A E I O U

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This game is generally too difficult for the Junior Primary, so I mainly use it as filler on weeks when Senior Primary is finished learning the new song and Junior Primary still has lyrics to learn.  This gives JP time to catch up.

Sometimes if the song is short or familiar, I do try the game with Junior Primary.  Although the younger kids have a hard time keeping up, they enjoy watching me and the older kids stumble through it :)

To play the game, you simply replace all the vowel sounds in a song with long A, then E, I, O and U.  For example, if you were reviewing the song “I Am a Child of God,” You would begin with the long-A verse, which would sound like this:

Aye aim a chaild aif Gaid
Aind hay hays saint may hair…

Then you would sing the long-E verse

Ee eem ee cheeld efe Geed
Eend he hees seent mee here…

Then long-I

I ime I child ive gide
Inde hi hise sinte my hire…. 

And so on.

Have fun, and if you do try the game, let us know in the comments how it went!

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