Activity: 2000 Stripling Warriors

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Although I can’t find the link, I’ve been told that this idea originally comes from Christy’s Clipart.  Whether or not you use the idea, please check out her website.  It’s great!
You may wish to use the idea to introduce the song “We’ll Bring the World His Truth.” or “Holding Hands Around the World.”

This page shows 100 Stripling Warriors.
 Print 20 copies and tape them end to end. You may choose to hang the banner around the room or wind the banner around a paper towel roll and have the children help you unroll it.
Express to the children that this banner represents 2000 warriors. Tell the story as it is related in Alma chapter 56. Stress that not one of these 2000 young men died in battle.  Explain how the songs compare us to the Stripling Warriors when we bravely share the gospel.  Ask them to listen for the reference as you teach the song.  (Since I know that nobody wants to spend $40 on ink printing this page, I’ve made it semi-transparent.  If you’re a millionaire, feel free to copy the image above and paste it into a Word document instead.)

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