A Nauvoo Christmas

By Shauna Hostetler Shauna Hostetler:
I think I saw a post on here about someone doing a Nauvoo Christmas activity with their class or a link to some ideas? Does that sound familiar?
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Shauna Hostetler: I like the Christmas journal quote from Joseph Smith in this article: www.lds.org/new-era/2001/12/christmas-with-joseph-smith?lang=eng (16 hours ago) 1

Debbie D. Duran: I am kind of doing it….? Just a quick Devotional as here we do a flex day with breakfast and all the classes are together after the devotional. I am using the quote from Joseph Smith that you linked to above and I am making those clear ornaments with a picture of the Nauvoo temple printed on clear transparent paper and inserted INSIDE the ornament, with a little artificial snow inside as a gift. (15 hours ago) 1

Debbie Reynolds: Oh! Like that idea Debbie D. Duran! Could you pm with the pics? (6 hours ago)

Debbie D. Duran: Here is where I got the idea. www.loriwhitlock.com/blog/nativity-christmas-ornaments/ I made nativity ones like these NT year- only I used a nativity picture from lds.org in black and white. I used plastic clear ornaments rather than glass….I drop things early in the morning. I need to go through my pictures of the Nauvoo temple for this year’s and make a decision. (I printed what I wanted onto a white sheet of paper- positioning the pictures inside circle shapes the size of the ornament. Then I took the paper to Office Max and had them print onto clear acetate because my printer would not print on Read More

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