3 Nephi 20 Scattering And Gathering Of Israel

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Had a student give a summary to the class on the scattering of IsraelBrief History of the Scattering of Israel

He went above and beyond…
He drew it out for us to better understand

We are always told we are of the Seed of Abraham, but what does that really mean?We watched a video from James E Faust entitled Who is the Seed of Abraham?Then talked about who the seed is and what they are supposed to do.

I asked a student who are you?, Where are you from?, Where is your family? What is your name? Where are you going?

Imagine if you had amnesia.  What problems would you have?  Many would not be able to answer the questions above.

How could we help a person with amnesia?

The Scattering of Israel is much like a person with amnesia. We need to find them and teach them through missionary work.

The Gathering of Israel

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