2014 Singing Time Schedule

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Ahhh, it’s finally done!  Amazing how you can never find a solid hour to get anything done!  I’m sorry to those of you who have been nudging me ever so politely to get this schedule updated and posted.

Here is the deal with the schedule…

1.  In order to print it through Google Docs, you must be able to log into your Google account (aka gmail).  If you log in, you won’t have any problems downloading or printing any single thing on this blog.  If you do not have a Google account, it’s easy to create one.

2.  If you choose not to log in through Google, you can email me for a PDF copy.  I will try to send them out once a day, in one big batch.  Please be patient with me, life is pretty hectic right now :)

3.  In reference to the aforementioned “hectic” comment, I have opted to make the schedule generic – with no listed order for the songs like I’ve done in previous years.  I went back and counted, and in 2013 I made over 70 versions of the schedule, with only a portion of those available on the blog.  I would LOVE to help each of you make it work for your specific primary, but it’s just not feasible this year.  So, please don’t be mad at me!  Some of you might even like it better (I hope).

I think that’s it.  Good luck with your new year!  A very special welcome to all of the new choristers that have been called, as this is a popular time of year to make changes.  You’re going to LOVE this calling!  And to all of you that are moving on to different assignments, wasn’t this the most fun you’ve ever had?!  Nothing will ever quite compare!

Have a wonderful Christmas season, and an even better New Year!  Love to you all!!!!

2014 Singing Time Schedule

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