2014 “new Year, New Songs” Program

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Ask adults in the Ward to come sing during one hour of Primary (the other hour everyone goes to classes). Arrange them into groups. This is how I’m trying it for 2014. I have a narrator (me) speaking a few lines in between each song.  Afterwards if we have time I have additional activities.  Either this or this or both, maybe?

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The 2014 Primary Theme is “Families Are Forever”.
Our forever families start when we have love at home.

♫   1. LOVE AT HOME (verses 1+2), hymnal 318
RS Presidency

Home is where we learn about God’s plan for us.
I will follow God’s plan.

Male Teachers Group + EQ Presidency

God’s plan included sending His own Son to live and die for us.
We know that he sent his son.

♫   3. HE SENT HIS SON p 34
Female Teachers Group

To know that God loves us so much to send his only begotten Son to Earth makes us feel as though we stand all amazed.

♫   4. I STAND ALL AMAZED (3 verses), hymn 193

We want to know all about Heavenly Father’s plan for us.
That is why we will seek the Lord early.

♫   5. SEEK THE LORD EARLY p 108
Female Teachers Group

When I learn about Jesus I know
that Heavenly Father’s plan includes baptism.

♫   6. BAPTISM (3 verses), p 100

We are taught good things in our homes by our parents.
In our homes we know that love is spoken here.

♫   7. LOVE IS SPOKEN HERE, p 190
Father and YW Daughter

Love is spoken in our homes because the family is of god.

♫   8. THE FAMILY IS OF GOD (1 verse), sheet music
Primary Presidency + Chorister

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