2014 Music Planner

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This past year I had so wanted to post so many more things that I have done/made from over the years I was the Primary Music Leader, but alas, as you can tell, it didn’t happen. Interesting how new callings and life seem to take up those extra moments you had hoped to have. Maybe I’ll eek out some time this year to post things I’ve done for the songs in this year’s outline. No promises though, but I will try to once in a while.

I have had requests asking if I would be posting a Music Planner for 2014. Hadn’t thought about it so I guess I wasn’t really planning on it, but got in a bit of a mood today to get some planning done for Primary next year and was perusing the outline and before I knew it, I was on my way filling the Music Planner out. My brain started to churn with ideas as I was reading the outline and I had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t in this calling anymore. Old habits die hard. Actually, the music leader that replaced me wasn’t in very long since she ended up getting married (excited for her) so a new music leader was called a couple of months ago.  She is doing a fantastic job and it is so great to see the kids connecting with her. Makes me feel great after the wonderful relationship I developed with the children when I was put in and all the hard work over the years in getting the kids to love to sing (they did not like to sing when I was first called, especially the boys, now the boys love to sing—didn’t help either that we were just divided when I was first called and our new ward was a melting pot from the various wards) that they are continuing to love singing with the new music leader and she does enjoy the time with them. It is nice knowing the kids are continuing to be taken care of. Makes me miss it though.  

Sorry, got a bit side-tracked. Soooooo, if you are still needing something to plan with and are interested, you are more than welcome to use the Music Planner. You can check out last year’s post here for a short explanation and sample if you like.

2014 Primary Music Outline: Families are Forever

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