2013 Youth Theme Gift Ornament

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If you are a member of my current YW Presidency, please avert your eyes!!!!! :)
When I’m in a Presidency, I like to make Christmas ornaments for the whole Presidency to help us commemorate the year. Using the Mutual theme for the year is a good way to do that for a YW Presidency. I made these for all of the Presidency members in our ward, but you could also make something like this as a relatively inexpensive Christmas gift for all of your young women. (My daughter is Beehive class President and she also likes to make themed ornaments for her presidency – (see also this post about the Beehive ornaments from last year)

For this year’s “Stand ye in Holy places” ornament, I bought some clear acrylic ornaments from Michaels Crafts store and used a press-on vinyl saying from Say it on the Wall found here. The vinyl are $1.00 each and are available in various colors. This size (that you will be linked to) is recommended for 4″ ornaments, but I used some 4″ and some 3″ ornaments and it worked fine on both. If you have easy access to vinyl cutting, you could also add the year and/or the name of the calling on the back of the ornament (such as, “Young Women Secretary, 2013”)

You can leave these as-is, or if you use fill-able ornaments, you can fill them with an item that goes along with the annual theme. For “Stand ye in Holy Places” I bought tiny red shoes to go inside (along with some filler). I got my red shoes from RockinResin on Etsy here. You can’t see the shoes well in the ornament photo because of the glare, but it is really cute in person.

This also coordinates with our YWIE theme, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”/Wizard of Oz because they look like little ruby slippers.

If you are doing a ‘stand in holy places’ theme, you could use a variety of shoe types (I chose to do all red shoes because it also goes along with our YWIE theme for the year). You can purchase little trinket items like these (or other types to go along with other themes) in craft stores or on sites like ebay or etsy.

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