2 Nephi 25- Understanding Isaiah

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When people want to keep valuable possessions safe, they often lock them up. They might keep the only key to the lock, or they might give a copy of the key to a trusted friend or family member.lock and keyNephi knew that the prophecies of Isaiah were “of great worth” (2 Nephi 25:8). However, he did not keep them secret. He even taught some keys for anyone who wants to unlock the meaning of Isaiah’s words. Verse 5 is Key #1:Understanding Jewish waysVerse 6: Key #2:Know the geography of the land. He lived there and knew the areaVerse 7:Key #3:Having the spirit of Prophecy- anyone with a testimony has this abilityVerse #8: Key #4:Live in the latter daysJohn Bytheway took us on a journey through Isaiah National Forest!(do a search on youtube for the video. The kids loved it.)I made a scripture insert based on our board work: (Watching the video will help you understand the four C’s)

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