2 Nephi 21-22 & New Carpet

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We meet at the stake center. This past month new carpet was being laid. We worked around the mess and still managed to have some fun lessons. 
 I had gotten an idea for a game from a fellow LDS seminary teacher. I changed it up a bit to work with my class size and save trees :) The original directions had you putting a question into an envelope and handing it to one member on each team. That person was to read the question, find the answer and write the answer down on a small white board before the other person did. Their team would then get 1 point.
I like the teams to work together. So they had to read the scripture, find the answer and since I don’t have a small white board for each of them, we used the large portable boards. This method works best for my class. It keeps them all involved and less likely to chat and get off topic.They took turns on who ran to the board with the correct answer.1 point given for correct answer. If the team was wrong, the other team had a chance to steal the point by giving the correct answer.There were a couple of bonus questions that were worth 3 points each. Our chapel and cultural hall were filled with various things from all the classrooms
 It was strange walking in each morning. We never knew what condition we would find the building!

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