2 Nephi 12-15 Evil Good And Good Evil

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Before class I put this chart on the board…
2 NEPHI 12:5–12, 17–19;13:8–92 NEPHI 13:16–26What attitudes and practices reflect the sins of these people?  What will happen to these people as a consequence of their sins?  I divided up the class and had them look up the scriptures and then answer the questions.
Isaiah foresaw the consequences for the extravagant dress and actions of worldly women in his own day and in the future.. Although Isaiah specifically addressed “the daughters of Zion” his words also apply to men.
Wise counsel from President Spencer W. Kimball:“Modern idols or false gods can take such forms as clothes, homes, businesses, machines, automobiles, pleasure boats, and numerous other material deflectors from the path to godhood. … Many young men decide to attend college when they should be on missions first. The degree, and the wealth and the security which come through it, appear so desirable that the mission takes second place. … Many worship the hunt, the fishing trip, the vacation, the weekend picnics and outings. Others have as their idols the games of sport, baseball, football, the bullfight, or golf. … Still another image men worship is that of power and prestige” (The Miracle ofForgiveness [1969], 40–41).

  • What does 2 Nephi 15:20 mean to you?
  • •In what ways have you seen people calling “evil good, and good evil” in our day?

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