2 Nephi 1 Be A Man

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I showed my high school yearbook. In it the Seniors would always leave some sort of advice to the underclassmen.

Before he died, Lehi gives advice to his family.  He wanted them to know the Lord blesses us when we keep the commandments, and He withholds blessings when we do not keep His commandments.

I showed this video clip from the Disney movie Mulan:
Afterwards we discussed what the song was about.

Lehi in 2 Nephi 1: 21 tells that in order for his soul to find joy in you…BE MEN!

What does it mean to be a Man? To be a good righteous son of God?
They took turns coming up with answers…
Don’t forget, the worth of Souls is precious in God’s eyes! Men will be led by the spirit to be righteous.

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