2 Nehphi 28-Spiritual Crocodiles

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My all time favorite chapter to teach, Satan’s Playbook!!

Nephi prophesied of some of the challenging conditions in the latter days, including the false teachings and pride of many churches that would be built up. He taught how to recognize false doctrines and worldly attitudes, and he warned of ways that Satan will try to distract us from righteousness.

using an idea I found here, I was able to start planning my lesson.

I love Boyd K Packer, he gave a wonderful talk called Spiritual Crocodiles in the May 1976 Ensign. It was put to a video, which I showed in class.
 I had wanted to hide crocodiles around the room and have them just waiting for the students, but when I had to scrape ice off my car windows that morning, I ended up getting to class just in time to start the lesson.  (now that winter is coming, I will have to set my alarm even earlier! UGH)

Several of the students took a crocodile, cut it out and glued it to their journals as a reminder of the lesson.

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