12 Days of Christmas in Seminary

By Donna Ballantyne Culbertson
Donna Ballantyne Culbertson:
#Christmas Since we have 15 teaching days in December, I think I’m going to do the ’12 days of Christmas’ for my students. The small gifts will either be related to the lesson that particular day or just something to do with Christmas. Then, I’m hoping to arrange a breakfast at my house for them the day before their Christmas break. Should be fun and rememberable for them (and me)! =)
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Sarah Bouse: Please tell us your gift ideas (41 minutes ago) 1

Jenny Harvey: Would love to know your gift ideas as I was thinking of doing the same thing. Our Bishopric always does a Christmas breakfast for the students on the last day before Christmas break – with a short message and lots of time to socialize with each other :) (9 minutes ago) 1

Leona Woody Strong: Elaborate! (6 minutes ago)

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