10 Reasons Why Your Kids Can’t Remember the Lesson

By Pascal Friedmann

6(2 hours ago)


Jenny Smith: +1000 (1 hour ago)

Jenny Smith: #11 – You didn’t have a cohesive opening and conclusion. In other words, you didn’t tell them what you were TRYING to get them to learn. (1 hour ago) 3

Sharon Prescott Haynie: So using this for my next in service!!!!! (1 hour ago) 1

Julee Robinson: Awesome list! Now, the real challenge will be to come up with a way to incorporate all of these into each lesson! Whew! (58 minutes ago)

Janet Kline Cook: But also remember, that perhaps you did have the most perfect lesson in the world with discussions and pictures and object’s etc. However last night, Susie’s parents had a huge fight, or John and Sally broke up from steady dating, or Mario’s little brother is sick, so they got no sleep last night; or perhaps there’s no food in the house and they’re not going to get anything to eat until that free and reduced lunch at school today or maybe their dad or mom is deployed and they haven’t heard from him for four days I don’t know if he’s alive or not. It’s good to know all of the best techniques for teaching, but don’t take responsibility for their learning. They also have to be able to learn and so don’t feel bad every time something doesn’t go perfectly because you don’t have complete control of their lives. (54 minutes ago) 1

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