1 Nephi 10-11 Puzzles

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What does this mean?The class came up with some interesting meanings! They even tried to make up a sentence. Did they give up on trying to understand it?NO!They persevered. With a few questions to me, they slowly started to have their eyes opened!Soon they were quickly solving the puzzle.
Nephi did not understand the meaning of his father Lehi’s dream. He needed to find out for himself what it meant.

Laman and Lemuel did not understand their father’s words and disputed about what they heard. They did not seek out the Lord for advice and understanding. They wanted to be “spoon fed”.

1 Nephi 11:1 Nephi gives us an equation…Desire+Belief+Pondering= Personal Revelation
BD: BeadyNV: EnvyAT: EightyDK: DecayNE: AnySA: EssayXTC: EcstasyNTT: EntityXS: Excess

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