Sharing Time Lesson

Ninth Article of Faith Activity

Make a large poster of the eighth and ninth articles of faith. Discuss the words and phrases with the children to make sure that they understand the meanings (“translated correctly,” “all that God has revealed,” etc.). Cover one word or phrase at a time as the children memorize the complete texts. Have a class or two recite the eighth and ninth articles of faith.

Lead a Discussion About Imprtant Books

Display many books, including the scriptures (recipe book, schoolbook, library book, other Church books, etc.). Have the children discuss why each book is important and what each one teaches us. Discuss what makes the scriptures similar to and different from other books.

Learn to find God in the Scriptures

Sing “Seek the Lord Early” (Children’s Songbook, p. 108). Discuss the statement “I’ll search the scriptures and find Him there.” Have each class search the scriptures and locate a verse that talks about a characteristic of Heavenly Father. (See Sharing Time, Friend, Feb. 1994, p. 36.) Have each class share their scripture. List the characteristics that are talked about and the scripture references on the chalkboard or a large piece…
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Learn the Books of the Old Testament

Give each child a paper with thirty-nine lines, one for each book of the Old Testament. On some of the lines write the names of the appropriate Old Testament books. Have the children look in their scriptures, or sing “The Books of the Old Testament” (Children’s Songbook, p. 114), and fill in the books that have not been listed. When the children complete the books of the Old Testament, they…
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Make Your Own Scripture Book

Give each child four pieces of paper. Have the children write the name of a book of scripture on each of the four pages (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) to make four title pages. Thread a piece of yarn through the papers to make a book. As children read scripture stories, they may draw pictures or write about the stories and add the pages…
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Scripture Bouquet Reading Reminders

Search the scriptures; for … they … testify of me (John 5:39). Because Heavenly Father and Jesus love you, they gave you the scriptures so that you can learn about the gospel and how to live it. The word scripture means a “holy writing.” When we read the scriptures, we learn what Heavenly Father expects of us, what He will do if we obey Him, and what will happen if…
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Using My Gospel Standards to make choices

“My Gospel Standards” (on the back of the “My Achievement Days” booklet) are wonderful guidelines to help us follow Jesus Christ and live to be worthy to go to the temple. Select 6 to 7 that your Primary children might need to work on. Write each standard on a separate card. Also write on separate cards situations in which a Gospel Standard can be applied. Play “Concentration” by scrambling each…
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Baptism Q&A

Memorize John 3:5. Give each class a card. On one side, write Baptism. On the other side, write one of the questions below and its references. Have the classes search their scriptures, determine the answers, and share them with the rest of Primary. Questions and references (the answers are in brackets [ ] for you): • Who must be baptized? (Topical Guide—Baptism, Essential / especially John 3:5) [all people must…
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Baptismal Covenants – Rocks in Backpack

Tell the story of Alma teaching the people at the waters of Mormon (Mosiah 18:5–11). Discuss what it means to “be called his people [i.e., to take His name upon us],” “bear one another’s burdens,” “mourn with those that mourn,” and “comfort those that stand in need of comfort” (Mosiah 18: 8–9). Bring a backpack and some rocks to which are attached problem situations (see below). Line the rocks up…
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Put the letters that spell baptism on the reverse side of the pictures listed below (from the Primary manual kits [numbers with dashes] or the Gospel Art Picture Kit [3-digit numbers]), one letter on each picture. Scramble the pictures and lean them against the chalkboard. Invite a child to choose a picture he knows about or wants to know about. Let him tell something about the baptism of the person…
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Promises and Covenants

Have a child hold up a piece of an athletic uniform. Ask: “What do you promise when you become part of a team?” (You will come to practice, you will come to games, you will do your best, you will be a good sport.) Have an older child come up; role-play inviting her [or him] to baby-sit. Then ask: “What can I expect from her when she agrees to baby-sit…
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I Can Keep My Baptismal Covenant

What is a covenant? In the Church, a covenant is a mutual promise that we make with Heavenly Father. To covenant means to “come together,” or to be bound together by promises. Sometimes it is a promise that we make in our hearts. Even when we make a covenant in our hearts with Heavenly Father, there are things we do to show that we have made those promises. Baptism is…
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