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Cheap Dating Relief Society Activity with game

Kristina M shared: “I recently was asked to teach an enrichment on “cheap dates.”    Everyone’s ideas of “cheap” dates are different but there are a lot (over 120) date ideas that we came up with.  I put it on a Excel Document, and each tab (at the bottom) is different. “I give a basic explanation on the first tab.  But basically I copied on to 3 different color papers for…
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For the Strength of Youth Road Rally

Shared by Jeanette W. For the Strength of Youth Road Rally Joint Activity (All Young Women or Young Women and Young Men) YOU WILL NEED: 1) A lot of leaders Enough leaders to drive all the kids – all kids need seatbelts, youth can not drive each other One leader (or two youth leaders) to stay at each location and give handouts to the groups.  (You will need six leaders if…
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LDS Poetry by Ron Tranmer

Ron sent me these files several years ago, and I am going through some old emails while on a work vacation and am posting them now.   Choose The Right Follow the Savior. Let Him be your guiding light. When faced with life’s decisions, He will help you choose the right. The devil wants to have you, And He’ll try with all his might. Knock him off your shoulder. Be…
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Escape the Great and Spacious Building – Escape Room

By Bekah I’ve seen a lot of interest in escape rooms… so I thought I’d share what we did for our combined activity last night. We had an “Escape the Great and Spacious Building” themed room. The kids gathered in the foyer and received instructions, then we sent them to the cultural hall, where there were clues set up all over (and some distractions). Basically, they needed to solve 8…
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Lip Sync Battle Ideas

Check out these fantastic tips from LDS leaders on how to plan a lip sync battle! Set up Here is how one unit set up a “stage”.  It looks like they used plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and pinned them to a chalkboard in a classroom. Awards Look at these cute microphone awards made from tinfoil and spray painted paper towel holders!  Awards are for Entertainer of the Night,…
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Teaching Youth to Lead Music

Fun ideas for teaching youth to lead music: Use glow sticks! Turn off the lights and let the fun ensue! (Katie) Tell youth they will be invited to lead the music during sacrament.  It’ll help them stay on task! (Deanne) “In my conducting class at BYU we had to draw the different patterns in front of us on the chalk board at the right height and size and then we…
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How they do it: Young Women Newsletter Ideas

Young Women Newsletter

Young Women secretaries commonly wonder how others may be handling Young Women newsletters.  Making a newsletter is not required, but it can be a useful tool for leaders to keep in touch with parents. Young Women Newsletter Ideas Lauren says: “This is our latest newsletter- I use the same layout each month to highlight activities, bdays, and Personal Progress achievements/challenges. We just send them by email to the parents“ Jacinda…
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LDS Escape Room – Personal Progress Activity for Good Works

Shared by Korina M. “Tonight for Mutual we made a escape room. I didn’t tell the girls tell they were [doing personal progress, too!]. But when they were done they had either finished or started all of the Good Works value experiences for personal progress! Anyways not overly complicated the girls had fun. ” Editor’s note – an escape room is a room filled with random items that disguise clues.  When…
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50 Tried and Tested Delicious Girls Camp Meals

Girls camp meals can be a pain to plan, and if the food at camp isn’t good, well … mutiny!  These tried and tested camp meals are favorites collected from camp leaders all over the world.  You’re sure to find some that will work with your girls: Camp Meal Ideas Hawaiian haystacks Mexican stackups Walking tacos Dutch oven cheesy potatoes and ham Quesadillas Tin foil dinners Baked potato bar Nacho bar…
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Ideas for Mutual with the Missionaries

You've Been Heart Attacked!

Ideas for Mutual with the Missionaries: Q&A style “We did a panel. We had questions in a basket. We sat in a circle (around a table would work … we did dessert afterwards) and they could either ask a question, or pull one from the basket. We just randomly chose who would answer the question and sometimes another person would share a story to play off another person’s answer. The…
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8 Healthy Food Options for Mutual Activities

Cheri V: “Our youth said they wanted more snacks or food at activities in one of our planning meetings. They often have extracurricular activities like band or basketball, ect. between getting our of school and mutual that stops them from really eating before they come to mutual so I can see a need for snacks in our ward.” You’ll love these  kid-tested, leader-approved healthy food options for mutual activities: Vegtables…
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