What Moves Mormons During Emergencies

What Moves Mormons During EmergenciesSALT LAKE CITY | 11 Aug 2008 | After recent severe storms in Ruidoso, New Mexico, Mormon missionaries joined with local Latter-day Saints to help residents deal with the damage. After a day spent diverting and damming overflowing rivers, volunteers helped victims move out of flooded and damaged homes. They removed mud (up to three and a half feet deep) and water-logged goods and furniture from homes. [LDS.org News and Press Releases]

Best quote from this article: “Mormons are able to respond to emergencies quickly because they balance closely knit relationships and communication channels with a strong desire to take their religion out of their chapels into the community.”

That really is it in a nutshell. We’re always hoping for a way to take religion out of the meetinghouse and to the streets. We want others to see what we’re *really* about. Mormonism is more than holy underwear and liquor-free living. We’re about service.

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