Seriously, So Blessed….

I was reading a little more of Seriously, So Blessed today. I heard of it a few years back, probably when it was in the throes of its first media blitz and loved it then. The gal writing is brilliant.

Then I read some of my posts, and WOW. Some of mine sound just like TAMNers’! Oh no! I am seriously so blessed.


You’d have to meet me to know that I am absolutely NOT the cliche’ Mormon girl — not that you could tell from my blog posts :). For the record: I do not own a denim jumper, bake my own bread, have big/long/permed hair, watch Friends/Desperate Housewives/Oprah, love cleaning, have 3-8 children, or base my testimony on the Work and the Glory series.

I will have to do better in the writing department. Instead of just brain vomit with the list of things I did and want to do, I should be thinking more about my writing. Blogging isn’t really journaling ….

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