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I’ve been on a cruise ship in the North Atlantic for the past several days. Unluckily (or luckily, I suppose) my husband wasn’t able to make the trip with me, and so I’ve been able to do Whatever I Want Whenever I Want with exactly 0 responsibility.  It’s been awesome!

Being who I am, Whatever I Want is code for Structured Self-Improvement.  I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish personal improvement-wise, the books and articles I’d read, outlines of the email series I’d send, and the goals I hoped to accomplish to get on top of things with the website.  See, I’ve had this site a long time — a really long time.  And there have been periods in my life when things were very busy and I’ve not been able to keep up on the submissions people made.  When I’d get back to the site, I’d focus on the current emails since they were most timely, and some just got left behind. I spend a week one time going through back emails that could be processed quickly and got through several hundred, but I literally had emails going back to 2008 to process.

Yeah, I know — another person would have just deleted them.  Much of the information IS out of date and looks ancient.  But I just feel if someone took the time to share their ideas I have a responsibility to share them, even if it’s nine years later.  Nine years ago I was actively asking for contributions from viewers, and they were responding.  I’d get between 15-25 files a week that needed to be uploaded.  It takes a lot of work to write a description, convert files when needed, and upload them (and it takes even longer when you’re using cruise ship internet), but I am proud to say I’m now finished.  There were more than 200 emails to go through. Most had something of value I could pull out.  A few were corrupted for various reasons, and others were so out of date as to be useless.  So if you have submitted something in the past several years, it should be posted now.

I’m sorry it took so long, but I didn’t forget about you.

I am hoping to get things reorganized to be more useful to the CFM for adults programs that are coming up.  I’m rewriting the YW articles over the next several weeks with the things I’m learning as YW president in the CFM era, and I’ll be redoing my internal linking structure.  I’ve got to focus on getting things tightened up and organizationally sensible.  I’ve done a few partial redesigns over the past decade, but I got swallowed up with kids and church responsibilities and the site has suffered.  I hope to remedy that these next few weeks.  I’m down to just one child, who due to early morning seminary and band, is gone from 5:45 am until after 5 pm every day.  I feel a little bit … useless.  I spend about 10-15 hours a week doing YW stuff, so that leaves a lot of time.  This is something I can do that will help other leaders who benefit from the 6000+ posts and 150+ pages on this site. I have some 8000 Seminary posts to index and get searchable as well that were not fully able to be organized automatically.

It’s a huge project.  Maybe it’ll keep me busy for the rest of this school year :-)

The best thing would be if I could actually get back into making helpful downloads that could be used by teachers and exercise my creativity.  That was always the best part of the website, and I’ve just not had enough time to do it while the kids were in middle and high school, and while I was RS president or Seminary teacher. Keep your fingers crossed for a lot of improvements in the near future!


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  1. Sharon Haynie

    Jenny-Could you please contact me about the FB group?

  2. Nancy Shorter

    May I add that I love you ? You do so much for so many ,especially ,those of us happy to ride upon your coat tail . Cruise on , Sweet girl. Prayers for your continued strength always.

  3. Heidi Awbrey

    Thank you for your continued diligent service! We appreciate you so much! <3


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