Not much Seminary preparation last week…

For the past several days we’ve had the entire family here for a reunion. Phew. Fourteen people running around here. It was fun. Due to the chaos, the only thing I got done Seminary related was to start work on the first few lessons for the first week of class. I’m not even done reading Matthew yet…..

Ah, well. I don’t think I’m going to have time to finish up the entire New Testament before class begins. I’ve read the Gospels many times, so I think I may skip Mark, Luke, and John in favor of familiarizing myself again with the epistles. Seminary is just five weeks away for me!

The Olympics have started. NBC’s coverage has been pretty terrible. Commentators critique the athletes as if they were paid pros. Bob Costa just can’t be nice. And yesterday NBC ran a promo for Missy Franklin’s gold medal right before they actually aired her winning it. :(

I went to sushi with some of the girls from church yesterday. That was fun. And I made three clay lamps as a tutorial for the website. That was crazy fun. I could really get into pottery, I think.

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