C25k week 2 day 3 – Finally!

We went on vacation for Labor Day to see the new LDS temple in Philadelphia, and so I didn’t run any of the days we were out of town. on Tuesday I just got busy and forgot, and Wendesday it rained in the morning and evening when I had free time — and I mean gully washers with hail and lightning! Crazy!

I was getting desperate and so went out this morning early after Jared and the kids left for work and Seminary. The run was uneventful, but I think that the trail is only .6 not .75 miles. This is bad. It means my times are horrifyingly slow. Additionally today I didn’t get the phone off silent and the Apple watch haptics didn’t seem to work, so I missed some run prompts.  I did what I could. I did run farther this time, though my time around the track has not really improved since the first day, though my final lap is much faster and I can definitely run longer — almost a half mile!

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this whole experience has been that I actually get excited about running. On off days I wish I could run! I could not have imagined this happening in a million years…..

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