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August Visiting Teaching Handout: Humility.

This month’s Visiting Teaching lesson is on – – -Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ:Meek and HumbleMy handout this month is based around one of my favorite things: Pie! Because EVERYONE needs a little slice of HUMBLE PIE in their life, right?!…


Back to school- After school chart

This is an “After School” dry erase chart that you or your kids check off every night so your kids never miss anything.  Its perfect for your children to each have their own so you don’t have to remind them a dozen times to pack a lunch for tomorr…


Old Testament Overview

At the beginning of the school year, it is good to give your students an overview of storyline of the Old Testament.  This is to help them see the big picture and where they are at any particular point in the year.  Attached is a graphic that symbolizes all the biggest events.  The PowerPoint version has a key with it and one slide that numbers them.  I have seen some teachers put something like this up with poster paper.  You can also just print a copy for each student […]


Seminary Classroom Visuals

The attachment has some visuals you may want to use in your classroom. I included the PowerPoint below and there is a bit of explanation with each one below the PowerPoint page. There are about twenty 8.5 by 11 visuals.  Hope you find them useful.  Some of these you may want to put up in your classroom to remind your class of  the central ideas.  Take a look and see what works for you. I also included the PDF in case you don’t have PPTX.  […]


The Wizard of Oz 2015 Young Women Theme Posters

I love the Wizard of Oz! One of my earliest memories is of watching it late at night, curled up on the couch. Last year I shared some of my wards plans for Young Women in Excellence, which was centered around the theme “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Just a little while ago I was reading the original story and thinking back about Young Women in Excellence. Soon my mind was bouncing all around thinking about how the characters related to the Young Women values. And then I got started thinking about the poster I made way back when the 2015 theme was announced, which was designed around The Wizard of Oz.

So I got set working on some really fun, simple posters, which are for sale in my Etsy store.

First, I recreated the original 2015 theme poster I had done with a completely new approach, and I must say I greatly prefer the new one. The design is more cohesive and clean, and overall I think it’s just more visually appealing.

Then I took the four attributes mentioned in D&C 4:2—heart, might, mind, & strength— and attributed each one to a character from the Wizard of Oz and the thing they desire, which seems only fitting as they’re attributes we’re each striving to have as well.

Last I focused in on the Young Women values, with each of the four lead characters representing two values, through abstract silhouettes in the value color of choice. Even though three of the characters are male, their attributes are applicable to either gender, and these values perfectly parallel the individual quests of each character.

They are untimely, but I figured it’s never too late to plan for Girls Camp, and it’s never too early to plan for Young Women in Excellence!


#PersonalProgressChallenge Week Six: Making Wise Decisions

Hopefully you’re feeling really energized from doing a lot last week, and even if you don’t, this is another great week to accomplish a lot! This week the emphasis has shifted to Choice and Accountability, and includes a lot of study, which hopefully will help to internalize the essential understanding of agency and responsibility.



Divine Nature #4

Choice and Accountability #2


Choice and Accountability #1

Choice and Accountability #3

Choice and Accountability #4

Choice and Accountability #5


Faith #7

Choice and Accountability #7


Knowledge Project

Choice and Accountability Project


Read Alma 6 – 26


Why is it important to follow the spirit when making choices?

How will making my own decisions help me find my role in God’s plan?

What can I do to keep the Spirit with me at all times?

Why is making informed decisions important to learning God’s will?

What do the scriptures teach about consequences?


Old Testament Scripture Mastery Colorful Posters

This it my senior year of Seminary, which is a pretty terrifying prospect! As I said last year, I fell in love with the Scripture Mastery program halfway through my sophomore year, when I moved to a stake which really emphasized mastery.

This past year I LOVED Doctrine & Covenants Scripture Mastery, and had all the verses memorized before the school year even started—which created a friendly love/hate relationship between me and my classmates during scripture chases. I’ve already started memorizing Old Testament verses, so now only time will tell how I fare.

Anyway, I made posters for this year’s Old Testament scripture mastery verses! The design itself is similar to the design I used last year, but I added a cursive font to jazz up some keywords and make them stand out. The final result is nice and simple, but still classy!

You can download the files here.

They are 300dpi JPG 8.5 x 11 files (I tried to do a PDF, but scary things happened when I’d save them), and are in a variety of colors, though they’d print in black and white just fine. I wouldn’t encourage scaling them down at all due to the size of the text (especially Exodus 20!), but they should turn out great printed as they are.

You've got a computer or file cabinet full of great ideas you've collected over the years from past callings, right? So did we! In 2003, Jenny Smith began sharing her ideas online for LDS teachers and leaders. She hoped members of her home branch in Mississippi would benefit from the activities she was hearing about in areas where the church was more established. She also began sharing her lesson handouts so that teachers didn't have to re-invent the wheel.

After seeing that the demand for these helps was huge, Jenny, working with her husband Jared, responded by creating the first ever database of LDS clipart and handouts. Soon followed the first and largest database of object lessons, the first ever database of Primary Talks, the first database of Scripture Mastery games, the first ever database driven helps for every lesson in the (old) Young Women and Primary manuals (now deprecated), and most recently, the first ever database of gospel teaching techniques. These databases grew with Jenny's own work and with the generous contributions of users like you.

Believing that gospel information should be shared freely and generously, the files and ideas on Jenny's websites can be downloaded for free -- no registration or payment required.

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