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Abraham & Isaac Worksheet/Glue-in

​        Here is a glue-in and also worksheet.  On the first page the right hand side is partly missing so students can research and discover the comparisons to Jesus Christ, with a partner.  The second page is for if you just want to have a glue in showing the comparison.        I hope that you would also help them discover key principles a doctrines like:-Trust God, even when He doesn’t seem to make sense.-God will sometimes t […]


Lots of Cub Scout Advancement Ceremonies… Fearless Fun!

I use this in place of the bridge, ‘ cause sometimes that bridge is too heavy for me to lift by myself

A big thank you to Cindy Gagon in the Utah National Parks Council for donating a lot of Advancement Ceremonies she uses as Cubmaster in her Pack.

Some of the ceremonies you will find in her document are:
  • New Cub Scout Family Induction Ceremony
  • This is Cub Scouting-Induction Ceremony
  • Key to Cub Scouting for Bobcats
  • This Badge of Red-Wolf Advancement Ceremony
  • Bear Claw Ceremony
  • Roundtable Advancement Ceremony 
  • Jungle Safari Advancement Ceremony
  • Top of the Mountain Advancement Ceremony
  • Airplane Advancement Ceremony
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame Advancement Ceremony
  • Let the Compass Guide You Advancement Ceremony
  • Great Pyramid of Scouting Advancement Ceremony
  • Cookin’Up a Storm Advancement Ceremony
  • Baloo Skies Advancement Ceremony
  • Bug Hunter Advancement Ceremony
  • Rocket Advancement
  • Arrow of Light Ceremony
  • Rope Crossover Ceremony

Lesson Plans: October 2015

Before I share my ideas for October, I wanted to leave a quick reminder.  We all enjoy planning seasonal or holiday-themed activities from time to time and I agree that they can be a great way to engage children.  Be careful, though, that the…

General Conference Activity II

We had to revise our activity just a bit so I thought I would share how the changes we made.  We still used some of the ideas from my last post.First off, as mentioned in my previous post, we did discuss the calling of new apostles as well as play…

You've got a computer or file cabinet full of great ideas you've collected over the years from past callings, right? So did we! In 2003, Jenny Smith began sharing her ideas online for LDS teachers and leaders. She hoped members of her home branch in Mississippi would benefit from the activities she was hearing about in areas where the church was more established. She also began sharing her lesson handouts so that teachers didn't have to re-invent the wheel.

After seeing that the demand for these helps was huge, Jenny, working with her husband Jared, responded by creating the first ever database of LDS clipart and handouts. Soon followed the first and largest database of object lessons, the first ever database of Primary Talks, the first database of Scripture Mastery games, the first ever database driven helps for every lesson in the (old) Young Women and Primary manuals (now deprecated), and most recently, the first ever database of gospel teaching techniques. These databases grew with Jenny's own work and with the generous contributions of users like you.

Believing that gospel information should be shared freely and generously, the files and ideas on Jenny's websites can be downloaded for free -- no registration or paid subsciption required.

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